Baggage rules for flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

When you travel by air, you can't just take any type of baggage. Moreover, there is a difference between what you can take with you in your hand baggage and what you can take with you in your hold baggage. This page lists all luggage requirements for travellers from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

What is allowed to take in your carry-on luggage?

Carry-on luggage is the luggage you take on board the plane yourself, such as your handbag or backpack. This is luggage that you can therefore also reach for during the flight.

Due to safety concerns, there are some strict rules for carrying hand luggage. Most things you can't take in your carry-on, you can take as checked baggage.

Carrying liquids in your hand luggage

A well-known prohibition is the carrying of liquids. You may carry liquids in containers of up to 100ml. This applies to liquids in a bottle, gels, creams, pastes, ointments and aerosols (such as deodorant). If you want to take liquids with you, you must put them in one transparent plastic bag (resealable) of max. 1 liter. If you want to take more liquids, you can only do so in your hold baggage.

This also includes a bottle of water or soda. The check takes place at the security check after check-in. You have plenty of time (and opportunity) to get something to drink at Schiphol Airport after the security check. Tip: you can take an empty bottle with you, and fill it with water after the security check.

Exceptions apply to medicines and baby food. If you can prove that you need the medication, diet food or baby food during the flight, you can bring more than 100ml. For medicines, a medical certificate (from the doctor or family doctor) is useful to be able to prove the necessity.

If you buy liquor or perfume at Schiphol Airport, you will be given it in a sealed bag. You may only open this bag once you have arrived at your destination.

Other items

Sharp objects, knives, or percussion devices (such as a baseball bat) are not allowed in your carry-on luggage. This also includes a pocket knife or scissors. A nail file, small scissors (max. 6cm) or tweezers are allowed.

Cameras, tablets and laptops are allowed on board (and because of the risk of damage it is better to take them in your hand luggage).

Explosives or incendiary devices are not allowed, not even in your hold baggage. Firearms or (toy) weapons that look like real weapons are prohibited in your hand luggage. These can often be carried in your hold baggage, but in the case of real weapons it is wise to contact your airline in advance: you may need a permit for this.


Apart from safety regulations, you are not allowed to take everything with you on a flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. For example, you are never allowed to bring drugs (including soft drugs such as marijuana), or weapons such as pepper spray.

In many countries, you are not allowed to import food items such as meat, vegetables and fruit. The same applies to large quantities of cigarettes or liquor. Cigarettes or liquor: you may bring a quantity of these for personal use. You can bring these items on your flight, but chances are you will not be allowed to import it at your destination.

Large amounts of money (more than 10,000 euros) must be declared to Dutch customs.

What is allowed in your checked baggage?

Suitcases that you hand in at check-in are considered checked baggage. This baggage will be kept in the luggage hold of the plane and will not be returned to you until after you have landed at your destination.

In your hold baggage you can take almost anything, including liquids and sharp objects. There are however a few exceptions to take into account.

Liquids that are flammable (such as gasoline) or explosive are prohibited from being carried in your hold baggage.

Most airlines prohibit lithium-ion batteries from being carried in your checked baggage. These batteries are commonly found in laptops, cameras, hoverboards and other electronic devices. You may, however, take these batteries in your carry-on baggage. The reason these batteries are prohibited is because they are very dangerous when damaged. In your hand luggage you can keep an eye on them during the flight, in your suitcase you cannot reach them in case of fire.

Electronic cigarettes are also often prohibited in checked baggage, but not in your carry-on.

Odd luggage

Do you have large luggage or luggage with protruding parts (such as a bicycle or skis)? Then it is odd-sized luggage.

You must first check this baggage in at the normal check-in desk for your flight. Then you go with the odd-sized baggage to the odd-sized baggage counter in the departure hall, where you drop off the baggage.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport considers this as odd-sized baggage:

  • Between 32 and 80 kilos
  • Larger than 100cm long, 65cm high and 75cm wide
  • Up to 350cm long, 100cm high and 100cm wide
  • Objects that can roll, have protruding parts or loose hanging parts
  • Fragile baggage
  • Pets