Flight DL 9345 to London City

Flight DL 9345 is a flight from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) to London City. This Delta Air Lines flight has been scheduled for Tuesday April 16 2024 09:25, but has been cancelled.

Attention: this flight is a codeshare. This means that the flight is operated by another airline than Delta Air Lines. The flight number of the operating airline is KL0983.

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This page shows the flight information for the flight which is scheduled for Tuesday April 16 2024.

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Flight information

Check-in counter
London City
Flight number
DL9345 VS6986
Scheduled departure
Actual departure

Flight is cancelled

Flight DL 9345 by Delta Air Lines has been cancelled. This flight will not depart to London City today.

Usually, you will be rebooked to another flight by Delta Air Lines. The airline will contact you to rebook your flight. If you are already at Schiphol airport, and you haven't heard anything from Delta Air Lines yet, it's best to go to an information desk as soon as possible.

Most times you will be rebooked on the next available flight to your destination where there is space. When the new flight date doesn't fit your travel plans, you can also get a refund or a voucher.